I Just Got a Job in Sales! Now What?

Individual Sales Education
9 week curriculum

Objective: To establish a customized, systematic plan that outlines the specific steps in all aspects of the sales process to help individuals skyrocket their incomes.

Consulting: One on one helping of others through customized advice and guidance that produces concrete, measurable results

Everyone sells, whether we admit it. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are a rare breed. You always have the talent and the skills necessary to flourish in your business. But what does it take to market your business? What does it take to expand your business? Of course, you are doing well. If you weren’t, you would not have made it as far as you have. But to become outstanding, you need concrete sales skills.

You need to understand the sales process, recognize that selling is not about talking fast and trick others. It’s about helping others, as you no doubt have been doing thus far. It’s about taking the tips you have heard and formulating a plan. You need a sales process. Every football team has a playbook. Every team has a coach. They have someone to keep them on track, offer ways to get better, and minimize their limitations.

In “I Just Got a Job in Sales! Now what?” Todd outlines the step-by-step of process of the sales process. He takes you through a 9-week course with the option at the end for continued maintenance.

  • Set Goals: dream schedule, importance of schedule
  •  Schedule: review and assess schedule, daily trackers, and accountability
  • State Initial Benefit Statement: Role Plays, Suggested wording
  • Prospecting: Humanization, Empowering the gatekeeper, conquering voice mail
  • Obtain Referrals: How to maximize referrals, How to give referrals
  • Build the Business Case: Running the Sales Call preparation, probing, setting agendas, presentation, close
  • Follow-up --templates, "no interest," "call me back in two weeks," Listening vs. Hearing
  • Overcoming Objections- Objections, Deal Breakers, Statement
  • Networking--Where to network, how to network

Handouts: -Weekly presentations, Agendas, E-mail wrap-ups at the end of each session- with homework, “Skyrocket Your Sales " writings (collection of articles for concrete sales strategies)