Todd Natenberg, President of TBN Sales Solutions, discusses time management and goal setting with RELCON employees



January is typically the right time of year for setting goals and many people plan to manage their time better. Two key elements of time management are: A.) Planning a routineand B.) Prioritizing your responsibilities. How do you begin? Take pen to paper!

First, write down your typical daily schedule. Choose the three responsibilities that are top priority on a daily basis. Then, write down monthly and yearly goals for yourself. Compare the two. Is your plan achievable? Finally, review and revise your goals, then post them where you will see them every day!

RELCON invited Todd Natenberg, President of TBN Sales Solutions, to present training on time management and goal setting for our relocation consultants and our guide representatives in December 2000 and January 2001. Our consultants and representatives rated his training an 8 out of 10 and we are pleased that his interactive, open format provided an opportunity for idea exchange and refreshing reminders learned in previous training experiences.

Our representatives and consultants are prepared to assist our clients with even more enthusiasm than ever before. Please contact the RELCON location nearest you for further information or assistance. We are always available and ready to help your employees!